Media and Videos


Video taken by Tools4Work at the GrassKart Final

A compilation video of the finals day by tools4Work

2009 Finals Day coverage by Channel 9:

A Clip from Dunedins Channel 9 featuring coverage of the 2009 finals.


Cue TV news segment:

Clip from Southland station Cue Television, featuring an overview of the contest and an interview with the staff and students of the winning school Southland Boys High School.


Kitset Construction Timelapse from Aurora College:
A time lapse video put together by the 2008 Aurora College Grass Kart team showing the beginning stages of their build as well as how it progresses.


2007 Race Day Footage:
Race Day footage for 2007, showing an example of the 3 main events (Slalom, Sprint Turn and the relay race).