Hayden Pope Memorial Trophy

Hayden Pope attended Aurora College and was a member of their 2007 Grass Kart team. Hayden was the driving force in the team and until he came on board progress was going very slowly with little direction and little hope of success.

Hayden lived for the Grass Kart Challenge and even though this year he was a student on the Southern Institute of Technology’s automotive pre-trade course he continued to keenly follow Aurora College’s 2008 Grass Kart team’s progress.

Whilst at school Hayden had struggled with literacy and academic work, however, he worked his heart and soul out to achieve success in his studies. His SIT Automotive Tutors all speak very highly of Hayden, his personal commitment, and his efforts to over come his learning difficulties.

Unfortunately Hayden was killed on his way to pre-trade work experience at NRG Automotive in August 2008.  

It is poignant to note that Hayden would have been 18 years old on October 18th, the very day of the 2008 Grass Kart Challenge.