Invercargill / Southland Mid Year Build 2009

The Mid Year Build event for Invercargill and Southland was held at the Southern Institute Of Technology on Friday the 24th of July.

Each team gave a presentation which included team selection and roles, a budget for the project, a manufacturing log recording who did what and how many hours each task took, what each team most and least enjoyed about the Challenge so far, and their advice to other teams.


The Aurora College A team with their chassis ready for judging.

The Aurora College B team and their chassis.

The James Hargest High School team with their chassis.

Judges Warren Ruwhiu (far left) and Mike Grumbal with the Northern Southland College team.

Judge Mike Grumbal (orange jacket) with the Aurora A team.

The Northern Southland College team with their chassis.

The Southland Boys High School team and their chassis.