2007 Launch Event Highlights

The Launch Event Review

The Launch events, held on the 29th March 2007 at the Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin and on the 30th March 2007 at Southern Institute of Technology in Invercargill, were a phenomenal success.

Teams arrived early to hear a briefing on the rules and regulations of the challenge, find out about the judging criteria and take advantage of the opportunity to eye up their competition!

Teams then battled it out in a team building challenge - Mechanical Reasoning Quiz in Dunedin and a Pit Stop Tyre Change in Invercargill - where the winners received stylish Holden Racing Team Jackets!

The teams then enjoyed a tour around both Polytechs before tucking into a delicious lunch and taking back to school their kitsets to get started on their Grass Karts.

The Menzies College build team.


Mid Year Build

Teams met up again on 21 June at the Otago Polytechnic and on 22 June at the Southern Institute of Technology for a progress check. Teams provided a presentation of their work, and progress made to date with time set aside for questions. The teams then adjourned to the workshops for preliminary inspection of their kart frames.

The group from Southland Boys High School in their HRT jackets.